Innovation in the SCADA system

The SCADA system is a very important subject within the industry.
The system manages and supervises the industrial information that is happening in real time and also the history of everything.
It gathers industry data within the distributed control system (DCS).

SCADA greatly facilitates the work of operators and managers. Allows for many innovations within the industry.
Each PLC, each HMI, each device that is spread out on the shop floor sends information from each part of the process.SCADA
Valves, pumps, motors, counts, temperatures, levels, energy, and so many other items. Some applications.

The SCADA software is also used for telemetry monitoring, such as water treatment, power plants, locations, etc.

Imagine everything being monitored and controlled in real time, as well as reports being generated. Management reports, informing if the production is ok or with a problem.
So they are set, what we call alarms. Alarms are intended to trigger warnings or actions about occurrences that may require action from people.

This is for process safety and also to warn if any action has to be taken by the operator or the administrator in the company.


Screens and graphical interfaces in the SCADA systems are used to present in real time everything that is happening. It shows the company's floor plan, shop floor, maps, etc ...

Buttons and pictures are also used for the user to control everything that is happening. This is easy and intuitive to ensure everything is working correctly.

Another very important item for SCADA systems is the security issue. Security in SCADA is something that should always be followed.
You may not allow other people to access the system improperly. Therefore, only users who have the rights can access the system.


There are available several SCADA systems, for example:
- LAquis SCADA
- RSView / FactoryTalk
- Predix

Facilitate innovation, operators' work and optimize production efficiency and quality, all in the SCADA system.

SCADA software